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Democrat Gay Communist CRT Trans Athlete from the Chinese part of Venezuela to Challenge Ron DeSantis in 2022

The re-elect Desantis campaign jumped into action only to find itself unable to attack the Chinese-Venezuelan athlete.

Democrat Scientists Create New Virus To Avoid Going Back To Work

The leader of a team of scientists secretly creating what's been dubbed "the lazy virus" is under arrest.

Jeff Bezos Releases Photos of Tesla’s Starman Mars Arrival

Jeff Bezo's Blue Origin Blue Moon Interstellar Explorer released exclusive photos of SpaceX Starman's arrival on Mars.

Man Claiming “no one is talking about this” is Openly Talking About It

A Redding, CA man does his research and suggests you should do some research too.

Animal Rights Group Protests Against Word ‘Pussy’

CLOA has started an online protest of news media sites and social media to take back the word pussy.

Inside the Democrats’ Secret MAGA Re-Education Camps

For the last 4 years, Democrats have been planning to deal with "MAGA," new documents suggest.

Nestle to Harvest Water from California Prisoners

Nestle announced Wednesday that it plans on supplementing its water harvesting operations with the bodily fluids of the State's growing prisoner population.

ANTIFA Navy Sinks Trump Fleet

A large pro-Trump armada was humiliated when the ANTIFA Navy sunk several of its ships.
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