Canadians are "really angry" about being confused with Americans.
Canadians are “really angry” about being confused with Americans.

Toronto, Ontario — Canada and the United States have a unique relationship sharing the world’s largest unsecured border. They have many other cultural similarities including their primary language, which is English. Sharing a common language has made the two close allies and trading partners.

Unfortunately, many Canadians are being confused with Americans and Canadians are growing tired of it. They are constantly being accosted when traveling abroad until making it known that they are Canadian, the other North Americans.

Canadian Steve Lanachek spoke to Gish Gallop.

“We are tired of being called American, we are individuals, eh?” said Steve. “I don’t speak American pal! I don’t run around waving a flag with a sparkler up my ass! I’m Canadian, and I’m sorry if I upset any Americans by saying that.”

Canadians are taking to social media to protest with hashtags like,


Not all Canadians agree, the residents of the primarily French speaking province of Quebec do not have the same concerns as the citizens of other provinces.

Joan Devereux, a Quebec resident spoke to Gish Gallop.

“We don’t care what anyone thinks, they are just jealous that they are not French,” screamed a frothing Joan. “We do not get mistaken for Americans, Americans wish they would be mistaken for us.”

So far the media campaign is gaining momentum and is sure to go viral. Peaceful protests are being planned at border crossings and a million Canuck march is being planned for the one month of summer.

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