Sacramento, CA — California government insiders have a new tool in their chest that no one saw coming. According to a leaked 2016 memo issued by the then-Governor Jerry Brown administration, a coalition of pro-California interests developed a plan to drive people from the Golden State to Texas to make the Lone Star State “more Democrat.”

“If we want to maintain California’s progressive leadership in all areas of the US economy, we must realize that we need additional cooperation from other populous states. In the case of Texas, that presents our biggest challenge. However, if we can encourage Californians to move to Texas, we can significantly impact the state’s electorate in several pro-Democrat ways,” the memo claims.

Authored sometime in 2015 and circulated early in 2016, the 420-page “Towards a Bluer America” documented several key “blue transformation” steps. The memo covered several strategies to get “the rest of the United States on board with California’s economic, environmental and social agendas.” However, the section that drew the most scrutiny was “Operation Texas,” which contains over 42 proposals to convert Texas into a “liberal haven.”

Republicans Shocked but Not Surprised

“We are shocked, shocked, I say, but not surprised that there is this vast left-wing conspiracy emanating out of California,” said Ronna Romney McDaniel, chair of the Republican National Committee. “We’ve said for years that the Democrats are coming for your guns, force abortions on your women, and make you marry gay people. And now we have the smoking gun.”

Some of the 42 ideas included raising California’s cost of living and forcing people to move to Texas. Another idea, rejected by Governor Brown, proposed erecting billboards along California’s highways advertising Texas’s great surfing and snow skiing.

When reached for comment, current governor Gavin Newsom’s office said it knew nothing of the memo and “preferred to concentrate on California’s growth and not worry about what’s going on in Texas, like everyone else in the United States.”

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