Berkeley, CA — A Bay Area pro-LGBT adoption agency has become the first program to advertise and now refuse to place its foster children in Christian homes. The Berkeley, CA-based taxpayer-funded Family Equity Adoption Agency announced last Friday that it would refuse to meet with any practicing Christians of any denominations except for the Unitarians.

“We believe that it’s important to defend diversity in family life,” said FEAA director Francine Fartles who’s been a vocal critic of the religious right. “And as we’ve seen most recently in Tennessee, Christians have no sense of decency. No sense of humanity in their bigoted and frankly ignorant positions. Therefore, we will no longer be adopting-out children to Christian families. We will make exceptions for those who are no longer following their religions and of course, the Unitarians. Because they’re not really Christians, to begin with.”

This announcement has sparked criticism from the Christian Rights Union of Tennessee, which has raised legal concerns surrounding the denials because it authorized the use of a “religious test to participate in a government program.” When asked how FEAA will determine whether an adopting family is Christian or not, Ms. Farkles said it would be easy.

“I mean, really? You can tell just by looking at them. They way they walk. The way they talk. The clothes they wear. All of it,” continued an incredulous Ms. Farkle. “But we know that’s not enough, so we’re going to have to include that in our intake survey. If Trump and a handful of other states want to discriminate against the LGBT community based on fictitious and magical standards, then so shall FEAA.”

Late last year, President Trump’s proposed rescinding an Obama-era rule that prevented foster care agencies from receiving federal funds if they discriminated against families based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

“What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. And you know what, I bet they’ll be delighted with our decision. They want walls, not bridges.”

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