A sample of the new "Rainbow Pride" driver's license in California.
A sample of the new “Rainbow Pride” driver’s license in California.

Sacramento, CA — Given the success of the recent pro-LGBT rainbow overlay on Facebook profiles, the largest State in the Union announced yesterday that it will allow driver’s license applicants to choose a “rainbow overlay” option for their IDs. The announcement, which comes on the heals of a Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage across the country, is expected to widely adopted by anyone who is feeble-minded and likes doing, in the words of a DMV official, “what every one else is doing.”

According to project insiders, the new option is slated to be available sometime in August 2017 and there will be a $16.42 fee for the service. Applicants are advised to inform the photo clerk that they’d wish to be “rainbowized” prior to taking his/her picture. Later in the year, the State plans on allowing citizens to purchase rainbow-overlaid license plates. There is even talk about issuing State tax refunds on rainbow-laden checks, but that’s just a rumor Gish Gallop has not verified.

The move is not surprising, given that the California DMV announced last month is was rolling out its new license photo taking system which promises applicants:

  1. A the faster photo process after a 3 hour wait.
  2. And will make applicants look like they’ve just come off a 8 day alcohol bender after eating 17 boxes of Little Debbie Swiss Rolls.

We’re very excited to finally get this long program on the launchpad,” said California State Department of Information Services Ted Blemingthal. “We spent over 6 years carefully planning this new photo system.  And adding this new rainbow photo overlay just allows more ‘Pride in your pocket,’ as we like to say. Well, I like to say that. No one else around here does.”

It is unclear at the time of this writing if this new rainbow effect will improve the photo quality of your driver’s license picture, although due to the aggressive shading, it should cover any smirks or blemishes effectively.

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