The Oxford English Dictionary announced today that they will be including the word 'butthurt' in the supplemental 2017 edition.
The Oxford English Dictionary announced today that they will be including the word ‘butthurt’ in the supplemental 2017 edition.

Oxford, England — Editors for the Oxford English Dictionary or OED announced today that the word ‘butthurt’ will be included in a 2019 supplemental version of the world-famous reference guide. Butthurt is generally defined as “getting your feelings hurt, being offended or getting all bent out of shape because of something petty or stupid, and as some one who doesn’t know how to take a joke, and they take the joke like they just took it to the ass.”

The word ‘butthurt’ rose into fashion after the contentious 2016 in the United States with the unlikely Presidential win of Donald Trump. Following the historic victory, Trump fans routinely accused Hillary Clinton supporters of being ‘butthurt’ for not being able to accept the election results.

Their criticism was not unfounded as many Democrats still refused to believe that their candidate simply sucked ass, instead blaming a myriad of reasonĀ s why Ms. Clinton didn’t win including Russian Hacking, the FBI and of course her numerous and stilted appearances on theĀ The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

“Look, we had to live with Obummer for 8 years,” said Penn Valley resident and conservative community activist Brock Whalen speaking from his Lake Wildwood home. “His particular brand of Islamic Communism was really offensive to god-fearing Christian like me. But we didn’t rise up in the streets; we didn’t protest. We just took it without being butthurt. But these Democrats are the whiniest butthurt pussies I’ve ever seen. I hope they keep blaming everyone but themselves which will mean another Trump victory in 8 years.”

According to the editors of the 2019 supplemental OED edition, there was a great debate to include such an obvious “American lexicon” in the distinctive Anglo dictionary. But after one report commissioned by the University of Chicago’s Badwater Institute of Public Policy found that it was the third most popular word used in the latter half of 2016, they decided to include it.

“We’ve been tracking the lexical habits of Americans for the past year,” said Professor James Badwater the namesake of the Institute. “Although it wasn’t tracking in the UK, per se, it was hugely popular both before and especially after the election. So we lobbied the editorial committee hard to have it included. We couldn’t be happier.”

Donald Trump tweeted about the announcement, calling it the perfect word for losers.

The 2019 supplemental edition of the OED will be available starting in March, with an electronic version being available later this month.

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