Obama giving 'the signal'
Obama giving ‘the signal’

Washington D.C. — This weekend, over two feet of snow will blanket the Mid-Atlantic, including Washington DC. Nearly Sixty million people will be affected by the storm. Conspiracy expert Frank Carson claims to have proof that this storm is not natural. In a phone interview, Frank spoke to us from his Mother’s basement in an undisclosed location somewhere near Hoboken, New Jersey.

HeĀ  told Gish Gallop, “It is the work of Obama. He commanded HAARP to create the blizzard!” We asked Frank what proof he had. He pointed out that “Obama gave out code words during his radio address, he said ‘Washington is gridlocked’.”

Frank hising from HAARP
Frank hiding from HAARP

HAARP stands for stands for High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program. It is said to be able to affect global weather patterns and possess the power to create storms of great magnitude. And blizzards.

We asked Frank if he had any other proof. “My hat (tinfoil), has been tingling like crazy lately, I’m telling you, they are trying to test FEMA’s camps with this storm!”. Frank has a metal plate in his head from an unfortunate moose attack in which he was bitten several times in the head by a moose.

We are not sure if Frank’s Mother knew he was talking to us.

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