Neighbors Jim and JoJo Krank of Old Drive in Penn Valley suspected there had been more than mere wine in the bottles put out for collection each Tuesday morning.

“There were always neighborhood dogs or wild animals knocking over his recycle bin and licking at the mouths of the empties,” shared the elderly Mr. Krank. “I used to say, ‘JoJo, I think there is something odd in that recycling’ and she would tell me to mind my own damn business, but it looks like I was right, doesn’t it?”

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After years of trying to maintain a friendly relationship the Kranks admit they are now relieved that the Count is building his new house on the ridge line.

“We moved in about 6 months before the Count and he seemed nice enough and all. We were hoping for a nice friendship. But we’re white wine drinkers and there was never any of that at parties, so we quit accepting offers to socialize early on.” JoJo is hoping their new neighbors will enjoy a nice Chardonnay on occasion.