Austin, TX — In what some consider to be the longest-running prank in the modern era has come to an abrupt end this week when famed comedian Bill Hicks finally killed off his controversial and unpopular character Alex Jones claiming “it’s not funny anymore.” For almost three decades, rumors have swirled that the stand-up comedian, social critic, and satirist had transformed himself following a faked death in 1994 into Austin, Texas-based conspiracy theorist and host Alex Jones.

Apparently, recent comments from his Alex Jones character simply put Mr. Hicks over the edge.

“It’s not fucking funny anymore, man,” said an irritated Bill Hicks making his first public comment since 1994. “It was supposed to be a joke in the vein of Andy Kaufmann, you know? But it took on a life of its own and I’m done. I haven’t even played him in 15 years. I hired some guy from Fresno to do it.”

Bill Hicks was generally assumed to have died of pancreatic cancer in 1994, which coincides with rise of Alex Jones and even more interestingly comedian Denis Leary who looks nothing like Mr. Hicks but took the time after his reported death to steal all of his stand-up material. This is an accusation, despite many video records, that Mr. Leary denies. Alex Jones, however, did not have any comedic material but rather started to develop a following as the Internet’s premier conspiracy theorist. Mr. Jones has been known to cohort with controversial “degenerate atheist” comedian Doug Stanhope.

It’s unclear who will replace the iconic Alex Jones on his broadcasts, but according to Mr. Hicks, he doesn’t give a rat fuck.

Below is a video where Mr. Jones admits he’s Bill Hicks.

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