Bill Gates is a huge fan of Internet satirical sites.
Bill Gates is a huge fan of Internet satirical sites.

Mumbai, India — The former founder and CEO of the Microsoft Corporation Bill Gate took a break from the work at his foundation today to defend news satire sites. News satire, which is a type of parody presented in a format typical of mainstream journalism, has come under fire this past week for somehow making people dumber and causing the ascension of Donald Trump to the presidency. Taking a page from the Tipper Gore book of outrage, instead of badly needed introspection, media outlets and Hillary Clinton supporters decided to lash out and blame everything except themselves.

“I’m just so upset over this election,” said a distraught Mindy Alders of Grass Valley, California holding back tears and a tantrum. “I mean I voted for Hillary. Sure, my daughter was out doing a Vision-quest so she couldn’t vote, but how’s that her fault? Or mine?I tell you, everyone out there is stupid and gullible. Someone needs to take care of these lies for me because I can’t do it all, you know? Someone has to check this stuff for me.”

Mr. Gates is an avid fan of all kinds of satire, but saves his highest praise for the “fake news” genre.

“I just love it,” said Mr. Gates speaking at a pro-vaccination GAVI conference in Mumbai, India. “I start my day first with satire sites, and then I move to the really satirical sites like the New York Times and CNN. These fakes news sites give me an idea of what is bothering people. It’s not different from Jonathan Swift, Dr. Oz or any other satirical creations. I know people don’t get it, but that’s no reason to be so harsh on it. It’s an ancient form.”

The announcement, which took the conference off guard, met with almost 1 minute of silence following Mr. Gates comments. The Gate Foundations had no comment on his defense of the ancient literary form.

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