Lest Holt's report on MSNBC.
Lest Holt’s report on MSNBC.

Lester Holt, in town to receive an award, sheepishly asked Dr. Carson, “How do they make a body out of poo?”

“I am so glad you asked that question, Lester,” answered Dr. Carson. “Now stay with me on this. The Democrats have been secretly funding and operating a clandestine cloning lab, right here in northern California. They are working on a super race of mindless drone dullards. You know, the kind of people who vote Democrat. The democrat scientists discovered that cloning an individual from a blood DNA specimen gives you a very good and reasonable facsimile of the original individual. However, cloning the same individual from their poo DNA knocks their IQ down by at least 50%!!”

The media throng’s recording devices running at warp speed.

Dr. Carson went on to say, “we have got to put an end to this madness immediately! As I was investigating this debauchery, it occurred to me, my poo is already smarter than a Democrat. Can you imagine how dim a Democrat’s poo is? Worse, can you imagine how obtuse a Democrat poo clone would be?”

The right-leaning media sat starry-eyed, while the left leaners were playing with some glittery bobbles.

Dr. Carson wrapped his speech with a rousing call to the faithful in Jesus, when he said, “The Lord has spoken to me very clearly on this subject! Oh, holy followers of Jesus, condemn these wicked actions of the godless left! Throw your poo packets into the trash where they belong! We must smite the Democrats down in 2016, lest we become a nation of mindless fools! Help me to secure the GOP nomination and I will raise up the Lord and put the smack down on the poo clones!”

This speech had left a bad taste in my mouth and as I packed up my gear to leave and write this story, I wondered, would these clones be called Democraps?

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