Minneapolis, MN — A Minneapolis self-proclaimed ‘bad apple cop’ recently went on a tirade  KSTP Channel 5 this morning when he claimed that the entire protest movement had been spoiled by looters and rioters. Officer James Elbow McCanty made his comment during tear gas suppression practice this morning around  South Bloomfield Ave.

McCanty, 38, has been the subject of several internal investigations at the Minneapolis police department, all of but two that were cleared. The remaining two were settled out of court for an unspecified sum.

“Look, all these protesters don’t have it as rough as you think they do,” said McCanty pulling back his gas mask. “I mean, if this were 1950s Alabama, then I’d get it. But this is Minneapolis. And all these looters and thugs probably have TVs and microwaves at home. Most of them are on food stamps too, you know. They’re not doing too bad.”

McCanty went on to say that it doesn’t take more than a few looters and rioters to spoil the whole movement.

“It’s no good anymore,” continued McCanty. “How can you take them seriously when they can’t even control their people? If I had my way, we’d aim at the looters and throw the rest of them in jail. They should be at home like other good Americans.”

According to a Minneapolis police spokesperson, Officer McCanty’s comments do not in any way represent the views of the department.

“Officer McCanty is one of our more colorful personalities on the force,” said MPD spokesperson  Bethany Millbright. “And while it’s true that he been under internal investigation numerous times, he’s been cleared of nearly all accusations. The others were settled satisfactorily by both parties.”

The Minneapolis Police Department said it was taking no action against McCanty after his latest comments.

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