Indianapolis, IN — The upper house of the Indiana Senate overwhelmingly passed SB0042 over the weekend, declaring Betty Crocker Bac-Os the State’s official food. Governor Eric Holcomb immediately signed the bill.

“Everyone knows Bac-Os make everything better, and that includes Indiana,” said the governor at the signing sessions. “And here’s something you might not know. They’re great on everything, not just your salad. We put Bac-Os on everything in our house, baked Potatoes, eggs, you name it. Janet [Mr. Holcomb’s wife] even makes these delicious cookies with them. I know what you’re saying, ‘cookies?’ Well, let me tell you, don’t knock them until you try them.”

Effectively immediately, all Indiana restaurants with more than fifty employees will be required to have Bac-Os for their customers. Also, in SB00042, the State’s flower will change from the Peony to Bac-Os.

The people of Indiana are called “Hoosiers,” and the State itself is often called “The Hoosier State,” but no one seems to know what a Hoosier is. But that’s not an issue anymore, as Indiana will be known as the Bac-Os State.

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