January, 2022

Mike Scrase

Mike is from Bristol, in the UK, where every day is Talk Like a Pirate Day. He's a writer, illustrator, feature film actor, stand up comedian, and skateboarder. Is there any talent he hasn't honed as a means of running away from his crippling depression? Juggling. He can't juggle for %&*!

Delicious Plum Cake Recipe to Take Your Mind Off the Time You Killed a Man

Now, this is how you get ready for the holiday season.


Pope Francis Blesses Grade A Indica

In a surprise revision to the recent Papal encyclical, Pope Francis has decided to bless Indica strains of Marijuana.

Damnation Army Seeks Important Satanist Thrift Shopping Demographic

According to a prospectus provided by the Church, their Citrus Heights flagship store has grown by over 400%.

Subaru Announces 2023 Limited Edition Bernie Sanders Outback

Japanese automaker Subaru announced earlier this week that it plans on releasing a limited run of what is tentatively called the Bernie Sanders Outback LE or Limited Edition.

State of Jefferson Website Honored with Layout of the Year Award

The Jurisdiction of the Jefferson State Militia website was nominated last year for its innovative design and faced stiff competition.

Inflation Concerns Drive Motel 6 to Rename to Motel 7

The 56-year-old budget hospitality and lodging chain Motel 6 announced this week that it is going to rename itself given extraordinary inflation and economic pressures.