May, 2022

Mike Tesh

Michael Tesh has been through pretty much everything, and his sole aspiration is to get you through it all more quickly and with less pain.

ISIS Fighters to Perform in Branson, Missouri

The Syrian band ISIS Fighters will perform at the Silver Dollar City amusement park this coming weekend.

Kool Aid Man Denies Involvement With ISIS Prison Break

The famous mascot for Kool-Aid, the Kool-Aid Man, denies any collusion with ISIS forces.

Amazon Warehouses Now Issuing Adult Diapers to Workers announced that it would be providing adult diapers for all of its fulfillment center workers.

“I don’t see no color,” Says Area Racist

A disabled Baltimore welder makes a case for being "color blind."

Plain English Translation of James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake Exceeds 175,000 Pages

University of Chicago James Joyce scholar Professor James Badwater has completed what he is calling a "plain English" version of the Irish writer's avant-garde work Finnegans Wake. The translated version of this comic fiction novel has eclipsed over 175,000 pages and will take approximately 42 years to read.


Pink Floyd Reunion Album to Feature Donald Trump Cover

In what has both fans and critics excited, members of the often estranged prgressive/psychedelic rock band Pink Floyd haved announced a reunion tour to support their surprise upcoming album called Tree.

California’s Secret Plan to Turn Texas Blue

A secret document reveals California's plans to make America blue.

Donald Trump ‘Open To The Idea’ Of U.S./Russia Corporate Merger

Alleged billionaire and Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump told reporters this week that he'd be open to a corporate merger between Russia and the United States should he win the election in November.

Area Man Misinterprets Wife’s Request for a Facial

Tustin, CA couple Carolyn and Jarrett Roush had an embarrassing misunderstanding.

First International Bullet Train To Stop Everywhere Except USA

A press release by the United Nations earlier today revealed plans for a global transportation system that runs on a high-speed railway.