July, 2022

James Conrad


Terrible Stock Photo Toons Volume 4

This week's Volume 4 of Terrible Stock Toons.

An Interview With Chemtrail Expert Madison Star Moon

Self-proclaimed chemtrail expert Madison Star Moon recently testified at a hearing on pollution held by the Environmental Protection Agency at their headquarters in Washington D.C. on August 11, 2015. Here is a Gish Gallop exclusive interview with her.

Terrible Stock Photo Toons Volume 2

James Conrad presents Volume 2 of his world-famous, death-defying terrible stock toons. All guaranteed to extend your life by as much as 1 minute per view. So view often.

Terrible Stock Photo Toons Volume 6

Welcome to volume 6 of Terrible Stock Photo Toons.

Terrible Stock Photo Toons Volume 7

Volume 7 of Terrible Stock Toons Volume 6 of Terrible...


Oakland Police To Trade In Their Guns For Paintball Pistols

The community of Oakland has applauded the move to non-lethal weapons and has a riot planned for Saturday this week to celebrate the decision.

Area Survivalist Not Sure What He’s Preparing For

Area survivalist and cattle rancher Bryan Buxton of Penn Valley, CA has spent over 15 years collection and storing food and weapons in his backyard underground bunker when it occurred to him this week that he had no idea what he was preparing for.

Stephen King Spotted at Local Grocery Outlet

American author of contemporary horror, supernatural fiction, suspense, science fiction, and fantasy Stephen King was spotted this weekend shopping at the popular discount supermarket Grocery Outlet.

Hurricane Dorian Found Dead on Florida Man’s Front Porch

Jacksonville gator "farmer" George Reed Wambles took it upon himself to take care of what he called "the fake news media hysteria."

Dirty Jobs Mike Rowe Files For Disability

Mike Rowe is beloved by many for his great insight on current events and on his television show Dirty Jobs, where he seeks out those jobs that many of us would not do.