January, 2022

Horatio Bottomley

Horatio William Bottomley was an American financier, journalist, editor, newspaper proprietor, swindler, and former member of Congress. Mr. Bottomley joins Gish Gallop to save the world and perhaps say something about Sierra City, which the editorial staff has been trying to do for almost 60 years. He insists that everyone call him William, even though he is known has Horatio. He is on his 5th Wife, Beth, after his first three left him for sailors and his last wife, an Australian woman named Matilda died after attempting to dig her own hard-rock mine in their Banner Mountain home.

New Years Resolution Thwarted By Canal Gate

Nevada City, CA -- Burt Bowles is fed up...

Grass Valley’s Cornish Christmas To Go ‘Pink’ for Breast Cancer

Susan G. Komen Foundation has partnered with the Grass Valley Chamber of Commerce, the City Council and the Grass Valley Downtown Association to turn Cornish Christmas into a "pink" event to raise money.

Sierra Buttes to Become Huge Rock Sculpture of African-Americans

In what may prove a bonanza for local tourism and a boost for racial harmony, President Obama has just signed an executive memorandum calling for the creation of a Mount Rushmore-like creation on the Sierra Buttes celebrating great African Americans.

Hillary Beats Kerry for Coveted 2016 Diaper Award

In a close call contest, Porta-Pants™ has announced the results of its first annual Porta-Pants™ Person of the Year Award, recognizing outstanding people who wear adult diapers as part of a healthy and active lifestyle. Porta-Pants, whose slogan is, "when you have to go, on the go,"® is a leading manufacturer of absorbent underwear and is breaking ground for a new store in Nevada City, CA.

Surgeon General: Urine Therapy to Aid in Drought Relief

Sacramento/North San Juan, CA -- In response to requests...


Area Man Grows Giant Hairy Cock

Walter Truman is primarily an egg farmer in Camptonville, but in an attempt to make a better layer he also breeds chickens.

Supply Chain Issues Linked to Massive Cat Attacks

Department of Defense officials say they are taking "humane steps" to help "mitigate the threat."

Trump Pushes “Eating Your Shit” as Treatment for COVID

In 2020, it was bleach, in 2021, it was horse paste, and now in 2022, it's your piss and shit as "cures" for COVID-19.

CNN’s Dana Bash Still in Sibling Fight Over Childhood Big Wheel

Esteemed CNN Chief Political Correspondent Dana Bash admitted this morning that she is still struggling with her brother over a Big Wheel he received when they were children.

Area Sports Collector Suspicious of Autographed Ball

Area sports memorabilia collector and owner of Ron's Sports Emporium Ron Jessup has some concerns about a recent baseball brought in by an area man.