June, 2022

Harold Wright

Harold Wright is an esteemed journalist and writer of Cosplay fiction from Meza, Arizona. He's quick-witted, and even quicker to get into bar fights. He loves to play the violin, even though he, and his neighbors admit that he's terrible at it. He has two dogs and like the travel in his camper. Look for him at various KOA Kampgrounds.

ANTIFA Space Force Plans Independence Day Raid on Humboldt County

Residents are advised to wear masks, however, due to confirmed law enforcement reports that Antifa Space Force will be utilizing aerial surveillance satellite footage

Trump Country Mask Use Triples After Recovering Patients Turn Gay

Across the country, many have taken to wearing protective masks after learning that COVID-19 increases gay activity.

ANTIFA Submarine Establishes Beach Head at Northern CA Mall

A Northern California county is bracing for ANTIFA.

ANTIFA Navy Sinks Trump Fleet

A large pro-Trump armada was humiliated when the ANTIFA Navy sunk several of its ships.


Local Company to Produce Realistic Bumper Stickers

The former own of a local printing business and the father of two very average children has decided to head back into shop and create bumper stickers that most Americans can relate to: your children are average and occasional failures.

Nevada City Technology Worker Pretends to Read James Joyce’s Ulysses

Customer Support Specialist Brent Underwood pretended to read Ulysses during his lunch break at a local technology firm on Wednesday. He's about half way through the book, although he hasn't read a single page.

Keith Richards’ Mom Dead at 167

According to a spokesperson for the Rolling Stones, Keith Richards wishes not to be bothered.

Why Women Can’t Resist Steve Bannon

There's something about Donald Trump's former Chief Strategist that women can't resist and for years, women of all political stripes have sought Steve Bannon's attention.

Alabama Supreme Court Rules God is Real/Citizens Must Obey

In an 8-1 decision, the Alabama Supreme Courte ruled that all citizens must obey the word of God.