June, 2022

Gideon Andrasi

Gideon Andrasi is a 44-year-old political blogger who was blacklisted by MBNBC and the DNC for supporting Bernie Sanders in 2015. Took time off to try Alt-Right propaganda but no one would hire anyone that fact checks their work. Also, being required to watch Alex Jones and Info Wars as news material caused his soul to die. That left Satire was the only fact-checking needed is to make sure it is something that hasn't been made true yet. So far, only 17 stories were killed by Trump doing something even dumber than the story. Let's be fair here. No one figured that Trump would be stupid enough to create a Space Force but all those satire pieces about Trump making the Federation of Planets a reality are now moved from the Satire section to a newly built future/present idiocy section.


Keith Richards’ Mom Dead at 167

According to a spokesperson for the Rolling Stones, Keith Richards wishes not to be bothered.

Why Women Can’t Resist Steve Bannon

There's something about Donald Trump's former Chief Strategist that women can't resist and for years, women of all political stripes have sought Steve Bannon's attention.

Alabama Supreme Court Rules God is Real/Citizens Must Obey

In an 8-1 decision, the Alabama Supreme Courte ruled that all citizens must obey the word of God.

In Most Brilliant, Magnanimous Move Ever, North Korea Bans Sarcasm Which Will TOTALLY Help Their Image

The incredibly intelligent, open-minded, fair, and incredibly roguishly handsome Kim Jong-un has taken the bold, decisive, and truly progressive step of banning sarcasm in North Korea.

Nation Continues to Fill-Up On Bread, Despite Warnings

Americans are eating bread at an alarming rate, despite warnings from their mothers.