July, 2022

Freyja Throrsdottir

Freyja Throrsdottir is a resident troublemaker and rabble rouser, if there's no story she'll create one. She was definitely not involved the North San Juan Poison Grain disaster of 1979 or the Sausalito Whale Combustion of 1982. Freyja resides in Alta with her dog, Boing. She was briefly married but tragically lost her husband to a wasting illness, never identified. In her spare time Freyja tends an award winning poison garden, she's received such honors as biggest deadly nightshade blossom and most toxic White Oleander stem. She attended Northwestern University where he achieved a Masters in Journalism and she's been the recipient of the Prevaricator Award in outstanding journalism, the Fabulist Award for investigative journalism and 12 Pulitzers.

Springtime for Trump and Facebook: It’s Good to be a Nazi Again

A local Nevada County Troll’s for Trump group was taken by surprise by an invasion of a supposed foreign 'refugee' Troll from neighboring Facebook groups yesterday afternoon.


Gish Gallop Salutes Our Heroes: Paul Horner Dead at 76

Fake-news pioneer Paul Horner, whose hoaxes drew international attention on the Internet and during the 2016 presidential election, died in Phoenix on Sept. 18, officials confirmed. He was 76-ish.

Florida Rape Victim Performs ‘Self-Abortion’ with AR-15

In Florida, while rape victims have to wait a full day to get an abortion, anyone can buy an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle with absolutely no waiting period whatsoever.

Sandy Hook Crisis Actor Disappears in Prison

An inmate at the co-ed Saint Applewhite Prison has gone missing, leaving officials laughing and explaining that she probably never existed in the first place.

Obama Showed Trump “The Film” During Private White House Meeting

During a private meeting last November in the oval office, then President Obama gave President-elect Donald Trump a courtesy "heads-up" by showing the controversial incoming Republican what White House insiders call "The Film."

Pink Floyd Reunion Album to Feature Donald Trump Cover

In what has both fans and critics excited, members of the often estranged prgressive/psychedelic rock band Pink Floyd haved announced a reunion tour to support their surprise upcoming album called Tree.