July, 2022

Franz Palm

Franz Palm was born in the barren desert wasteland of Death Valley, CA, where he was imagined into full reality by a shaman who was squatting in a shack that a marine who was later charged with desertion built on a five acre plot of land the ex-marine purchased while on a five day bender and never remembered anything about it once he sobered up, and he never found out about it over the course of his life.

Witness Refuses Mass Shooter Recognition He Feels He Deserves

Senior citizen and 30 year neighborhood watch member, Gabbie Herschberger, who also happens to be sole survivor and witness to a mass shooting that recently occurred, has refused to identify the suspected shooter as he stood before her during a police lineup


Area Researcher: The Mars Curiosity Rover’s Photos are Faked

Area researcher Skyy Wolford announced to a largely disinterested crowd in front of the North San Juan Sierra Super Stop that the Mars Curiosity Rover never landed on Mars, and has been roving the grass lands outside the Truckee, CA airport.

Garbage Collector Tired Of Finding Dead Bodies

James Fettorcini is a trash collector in the Bronx, NY. He holds the official Department of Waste record for most dead bodies found.

Milwaukee Police Officer Shoots; Hits Unarmed Black Teen from Way Downtown

For 13 seasons with the Milwaukee Police Department, Officer Klexter has personified hustle, consistency and excellence in all areas of police work - as a team player, a defender, and perhaps above all else, a clutch performer.

Invisible Chemtrails Next Terrifying Weapon in Geoengineering

In what anti-chemtrail activists are calling a disturbing and terrifying development, sky observers from the Redding, CA-based Chemtrail Action Network or CAN say they have evidence that the government and its corporate sponsors have created nearly invisible chemtrails.

Lindsey Graham to Defend Trump in ‘Honor Duel’ With Marianne Williamson

When Ms. Williamson found out about the duel, rather than criticizing or dismissing it, she embraced it in her unique way.