Bored Georgeman

Horace "Bored" Georgeman joins Gish Gallop staff as our weekly columnist. Mr. Georgeman moved from San Francisco to Penn Valley after growing impatient with the traffic, yuppies and rent control. Mr. Georgeman has written widely for the San Francisco Chronicle and the San Jose Mercury news where he hosted weekly columns on hygiene and electronics. His proudest moment came when he was accidentally published in Mad Magazine. Currently Mr. Georgeman lives in Lake Wildwood near Gish Gallop Office. Gish Gallop hired him on the spot after he complained about our obsession with chemtrails and defecation. He has 8 children, is a practicing Catholic and is currently married to his second wife Wilma. His first wife was killed in a San Francisco Peet’s coffee roaster in the Marina District under suspicious circumstances.

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