Paranormal and semi-retired radio host Art Bell will return to the airwaves on Nevada City CA's KVMR.
Paranormal and semi-retired radio host Art Bell will return to the airwaves on Nevada City CA’s KVMR.

Nevada City, CA — According to Nevada City insiders, famous late-night founders of the paranormal-themed radio program Coast to Coast AM has come out of semi-retirement for the 4th time to host an exclusive radio show on local station KVMR. Although station managers have yet to comment, rumors abound that Mr. Bell will be filling the coveted 6-8pm slots every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. He will be broadcasting without a salary, opting for revenue generated from his new line of Art Bell action figures.

Mr. Bell has been semi-retired since 2003, when he abruptly left his daily flagship radio program, opting to host the weekend-only version until he fully retired in 2010, only to launch a new show in 2013, which he then abandoned, and then returned to the airwaves in 2015 after which he retired. Again. It’s unclear how long his stint will be at the upstart community radio station KVMR, but the possibility of the famous host broadcasting from the Nevada City studios.

“My brother-in-law said he saw Art Bell out at the Sierra Super Stop getting nachos and an Arizona [iced tea],” said North San Juan resident and area “farmer” Thomas Kevlin. “I was like, ‘dude, you’re high,’ but he was probably right! How cool is it that Art Bell is going to be in Nevada City? Maybe he could channel the spirit of Chamba Lane.”

A spokesman for Mr. Bell declined to comment on whether he was living up on the North San Juan ridge. However critics say that Mr. Bell is a perfect fit for the “alternative culture” of the former mining town gone Victorian-hipster-tourist destination.

“It makes perfect sense,” commented Professor James Badwater of University of Chicago’s Bad Institute of Social Policy and Culture. “Mr. Bell is in the twilight years and he’s looking for a place to settle down in the United States. He’s grown tired of his Nevada high desert life and the constant trip to the Philippines to visit his wife’s family. Nevada City is a perfect fit for him. And KVMR’s, how shall I say it, diverse program will be a good home for him.”

The news should be good for the public radio station especially after the Trump Administration announced budget cuts to public media, which will impact as much 18%. Bringing in such a heavyweight talent should provide a much-needed income boost to its bottom line.

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