Red House, VA — A tense 10-hour standoff between an armed group of self-proclaimed patriots and members of the militant Islamic activist group Muslims of America (MOA), ended peacefully after local & federal authorities threatened the patriot militia with felony arrests.

The militia group,¬†Armed Patriots Against Radical Terrorists (APART), stormed the well¬†known ‘Jihad’ training camp in the early morning hours, hoping to do something the federal government has been either unable or unwilling to do, arrest suspected terrorists and shut their training camp down.

Located in a remote section of Charlotte County, the suspected terrorist training camp has been featured on Fox News multiple times as well as several other conservative news outlets. The compound has more than 20 trailer homes spread across hundreds of acres and its mosque. According to the Christian Action Network, a watchdog group that monitors Islamic jihad training camps within the U.S., the commune holds approximately 100 Muslim men of military fighting age.

“We’ve been keeping around the clock surveillance on the compound,” said APART leader, Rob Remus. “Our intel led us to believe they were plotting an attack on our nation’s birthday. Since our government refuses to act, we took it upon ourselves to protect the country we love. That’s what patriots do.”

Remus said the excitement of the pre-dawn raid is helping keep morale high among militia members, even though their mission failed to close the camp or arrest a single suspected terrorist. “I’m sure once the adrenaline wears off, we will pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and piece together what went wrong.”

A spokesperson for the Charlotte County Sheriff’s office told the AP no charges had been filed as of Tuesday. “These people are American citizens, have broken no laws, and there is absolutely no reason for this rogue militia group to harass them in any way,” the spokesperson said.

APART member, Del Wilkes, said he’s not afraid of facing possible felony charges and would raid the compound again to keep America safe from radical Islam. “Our government is aiding and abetting these terrorists,” said Wilkes. “We intend to keep up surveillance until new leadership takes over in Washington. Until then, we’re keeping ’em locked and loaded.”

Charlotte County locals told Gish Gallop reporters they had had no problems with the Muslim group MOA. The folks we spoke with would like to see APART leave the area. “These wannabe G.I. Jokes need to get a life,” said James Duggan from nearby Red House. “They’d be better off joining a bowling league or something; at least they’d get some exercise because it looks like they could use it.”

Larry Pfohl, also from Red House, agrees.

“This was a peaceful place until these so-called patriots started showing up around here with more guns than teeth. They don’t spend any money in the community, so there isn’t one single reason to put up with these yeehawdists. It’s time for APART to depart,” Pfohl said.

According to the Counter Jihad Report, there are at least 22 active jihad training camps in the U.S.

APART offices can be reached at 434-533-0069.

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