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Area Woman Who Says “This Butter Chicken is Authentic” Never Been to India

Despite Ms. White's travel experience and lack of understanding, she is correct that the Indian Oven is delicious.
Despite Ms. White’s travel experience and lack of understanding, she is correct that the Indian Oven is delicious.

Grass Valley, CA — Area woman Angela White, a 42-year-old school meals coordinator, is “completely in love with the Indian Oven,” a local Indian cuisine restaurant and believes that, “the butter chicken is as good as one would have in India,” despite having never visited the largely vegetarian Asian country.

“India is just an incredible country,” said Ms. White in a Gish Gallop telephone interview, “and you can learn a lot from a culture by eating foods and watching Andrew Zimmern on the Travel Channel.”

India is a diverse country with many cultural traditions, all of which influence the cuisine in contrasting ways. Although the country is rightly perceived as a vegetarian country, the food traditions are far more nuanced than that. For example, some orthodox Hindus and Jainas do not use garlic or onions in their cooking. And as the world’s third most populous Muslim country, behind Indonesia and a hair behind Pakistan, those populations serve meat in many of their dishes.

“I just love coming to the Indian Oven,” continued Ms. White. “Like the other day, they had that green stuff I really liked. And there were even some real Indians eating there which just made it even more authentic.” [Gish Gallop confirmed that the said ‘Indians’ where in fact Native Americans visiting from Lincoln, CA]

The Indian Oven has 3 locations, one in Grass Valley, CA at 722 Freeman Lane. The restaurant serves many popular vegetarian Indian dishes from throughout India, and hosts a popular Lunch buffet where patrons can select from a variety of savory and sweet dishes. The Indian Oven website has downloadable coupons.

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