Janet Williams of Cedar Ridge
Janet Williams of Cedar Ridge

Cedar Ridge, CA — Cedar Ridge resident and professional shopper Janet Williams updated her Facebook status today telling her friends that she’s actually looking forward to receiving 6 to 10 inches this week.

“I know there are a lot of people who just can’t take it anymore,” said a confident Ms. Williams in her Facebook update, “but I’m bracing myself for the full brunt. In fact, I think we all need it. We could all use a good 8 inches. Maybe we could get another 8 inches or more next week.”

California has been experiencing a tremendous amount of precipitation this year, with the Sierra Nevada snow pack approaching 200% or more of normal and there are a few months left in the wet season. However many, like Cedar Ridge’s Janet Williams, remember what it’s like not to get enough. And she wants more.

“Look, I know some people are satisfied with what they got,” continued Ms. Williams raising her voice. “But not me. I want it all. Keep giving it to me until their ain’t no more. You know, people need to remember what it’s like not to have enough. So get it while you can.”

According to weather forecasts Northern California is expected to get hit hard with at least 4 inches in the next couple of days and as much as 8-10 inches by this weekend.

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