Shelly Wagner doesn't understand why CPS is at her home.
Shelly Wagner doesn’t understand why CPS is at her home.

Grass Valley, CA Nevada County Child Protective Services (CPS) has visited the home of Grass Valley resident Shelly Wagner for the third time this year. Ms. Wagner, who is a single mom, doesn’t understand why CPS keeps coming to her house but she has her suspicions.

“I don’t know who keeps calling these guys, but when I find out I’m gonna get even,” announced a very agitated Ms. Wagner during a Gish Gallop telephone interview. “I bet it was Janet. She’s always trying to fix me. Little miss fucking perfect. I know it’s her. Or her sister. They’re always talking behind my back. I know it. They don’t like the the way I live. Well, whatever.”

According to the Nevada County Child Protective Services director Bonnie Petry, CPS is:

“…dedicated to protecting children from abuse and neglect. CPS works with families to ensure the safety of their children and to help them reach their full potential. If children cannot be safely cared for in their homes, CPS strives to place them with families that can make a lifelong commitment to them. CPS collaborates with the community toward safe, healthy, happy children and strong families.”

As per CPS policy officials refused to comment on this case, only saying that their job is tough and they take great caution and discretion not to overstep their authority.

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Janet Williams of Cedar Ridge
Janet Williams of Cedar Ridge

“Whatever,” said a coughing Ms. Wagner. “My Facebook friends told me to do all these things to get my house ready for the CPS visit. Buy lots of cereal, and fill my frig with milk and cheese. Fucking clean. Who’s got time to clean? I’ve got better things to do. But when I find out who did this, I’m gonna kick her ass.”

“Shel has problems. But we all do. Ever since Melanie [Ms. Wagner’s 16 year old daughter] ran away in December, it’s all been down hill,” commented Janet Williams from the porch of her Cedar Ridge home. “But I would never do that to a friend. The whole situation is just horrible. It makes me sad that she would think this. But there’s not much I can do at this point.”


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