Grass Valley, CA — Area teenager Kevin Thomas (17) of Grass Valley said he needed to be treated for heatstroke after being “brutally forced” to mow his family’s 200 square foot lawn on Saturday. Trouble began for the teen around 10 A.M. Saturday morning when his father Craig Thomas threatened to take his computer away if he “didn’t get off his ass and mow the lawn” by Noon. At first, Kevin pretended to ignore his Father’s request, which further infuriated the elder Thomas.

“I could see that Dad was getting pissed off,” said Kevin who was recovering inside the home following his heatstroke treatment, “and I know just how to play this game, you know. Besides, my buddies and I were playing Overwatch and the lawn could wait. It’s just stupid grass anyway.”

According to varying reports, around 11:30 A.M. Craig Thomas “flipped his lid” and marched into Kevin’s room and demanded he mows the lawn.

“That’s when I knew I had to leave,” continued Kevin. “So I said the usual ‘alright! Why do you always have to freak out?’ thing with him, which only made him angrier but always makes me laugh.”

It was then that the teenager made his way out to the front lawn with the family’s trusty Lawn-Boy mower and started to mow. However, after only about 15 minutes, Mr. Thomas noticed the motor stopped running and went out to investigate.

“I thought something was wrong, so I walked outside and Kevin was lying in the middle of the lawn,” said Craig Thomas gathering his thoughts and growing irritated. “He had mowed two uneven strips. So I told him to get up and stop screwing around. But he didn’t respond.”

Mr. Thomas ran to his son’s side, fearing the worst. Kevin told his father, as he gasped for air, that he was suffering from heatstroke from the “extremely hot sun.” It was 78 degrees at the time.

“He was limp, so naturally I was scared,” continued Mr. Thomas, “So I picked him up and brought him inside to his room. I mean, of course, I thought he was faking it, but it didn’t seem that way.”

After about two hours on the family couch, Kevin was feeling better again and asked if he could be excused from any more chores until the weather cooled down. He was welcomed back by his Overwatch online friends later on Saturday afternoon.

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