Reynaldo M. Rodriguez's printer has stopped working
Reynaldo M. Rodriguez’s printer has stopped working

Grass Valley, CA — Reynaldo M. Rodriguez’s printer has stopped working. Mr. Rodriguez prints “every god-damned email” he gets because he’s afraid he’ll lose it.

“I print every email because I’m not sure what happens to it after I read it,” an exasperated Mr. Rodriguez said in a phone interview with Gish Gallop. “My daughter from Los Gatos sends me messages every day, so I print them.”

This past Friday, tragedy stuck the Rodriguez household when Mr. Rodriguez’s HP-CP1045, with 106B ink cartridges he bought from Costco, stopped printing.

“Oh shit,” lamented Mr. Rodriguez, “now I’m gonna have to talk to my asshole son-in-law James. He’s real condescending and impatient.”

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