Area racist Terry Adkinson says he refuses to answer pollster questions truthfully.
Area racist Terry Adkinson says he refuses to answer pollster questions truthfully.

Nevada City, CA — Area trinket collector, “oriental” food connoisseur and occasional racist Terry Adkinson says he’s been contacted over the past few months by various polling operations such as Gallup and Rasmussen and refuses to answer their questions honestly.

“Look, I don’t admit I’m a Trump supporter,” said a grouchy Mr. Adkinson speaking in front of his Cement Hill home. “And it’s not why you think. I mean, you’re thinking ‘he doesn’t want to admit to himself that he supports Trump and that then they’ll ask me a bunch of questions about the blacks and the Mexicans.’ Well, that’s not the reason. Well, part of it is, but that’s not the point. The point is I don’t like talking to these liberals polling outfits.”

When asked why he just doesn’t say he’s a Trump supporter and he approves of the job the President is doing, Mr. Adkinson became visibly angry and appeared to start to shake.

“You people think people like me are simple and stupid,” continued Mr. Adkinson, “but I’ve got news for you liberals. We’re hard working people of the land [Mr. Adkinson is a retired Honeywell data analyst from Simi Valley, CA]. You’ve got to remember that these folks are the common clay of the new America and we don’t need race riots, the homosexuals in the military or Mexicans taking our jobs. They’re just going to take my answers and say whatever they want in the polls anyway. So why bother?”

President Trump and his supporters insist that the poll numbers are meaningless and that just as Trump was underestimated in the 2016 election, he is being underestimated now. Of course, that argument skips over the important details that Trump led in Republican primary polling for more than a year and that national polling suggested a narrow win in the popular vote by Hillary Clinton, which happened. The White House has also claimed that its “internal polling” suggests an approval rating as high as 50% among likely Trump voters.

As for Mr. Adkinson, he has no plans to trust the media and their polling organizations and plans on keeping up his steady diet of news sources that fit his world view.

“It’s like Trump pointed out after the election, the polls were all wrong like that ABC News Poll,” said Mr. Adkinson trying to make a point about the ABC News/Washington Post poll that accurately predicted the popular vote numbers. “This is all about the lying press and its egghead pollsters. You people need to wake up and see what’s going on before all the blacks and illegal aliens force common folk like me into prison camps.”

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