Baltimore, MD — Area racist Merton Davies claimed on his Facebook wall that President Trump is the least racist President in American history.

Mr. Davies, who’s a divorced and unemployed machinist, has been called out in recent weeks on both Facebook and Twitter for sharing inflammatory racially-insensitive posts about “the blacks, the rapist Mexicans” and oddly, “the freeloading Irish,” according to several close to him. Mr. Davies is now on a 30 day Facebook ‘timeout’ for calling a Baltimore Democrat activist “a member of the KKK” and a ‘house *&^^$%.”

“Look,” said Mr. Dacies in a telephone interview, “You can tell the real racists because they’re always looking at someone’s racist. Take that half-breed President Barry Obama. That’s all he ever did was call out everyone’s race.  He made a load of people uncomfortable about being white. You’d think a black man like Obama would learn to keep his mouth shut about such things.”

In his post last Friday, Mr. Davies claimed that President Trump had done more for “the blacks” than any other President.

Trump is Our First Black President

“President Trump loves black people. Look what he’s done for them in such a short period of time. He’s done more for them than any other President in American history. But it’s the KKK-loving libtard DemonRATS[sic] who want to keep them as slaves.”

The post drew fire from friends and foes on Facebook before his ban. Many pointed out that President Lincoln’s emancipation of African-Americans during the Civil War far outpaced any arguable and marginal economic gains over the past two years. Many of which, they argued, was started under the previous Administration.

For his part, Mr. Davies claims he’s “done a lot of research on the Internet” and cites such controversial sources as conservative author and former felon Dinesh D’Souza as his proof.

“Look at what Dinesh says,” continued Mr. Davies. “The Demonrats [sic] are the real KKK. They want to keep the blacks and the Mexicans as slaves, you know, slaves to the government. Only the real racists want to do that. I mean, it’s one thing to say things, it’s another thing to do it.”

“Well, that’s what the real racist libtards to,” continued Mr. Davies, growing agitated on the call. “And that’s why Trump calls them ou. Because he’s known racism from his first-hand experience. I like to call him our first black president.”

Despite his 30-day Facebook “timeout,” Mr. Davies says he plans to take to Twitter to express his views.

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