Artist rendition of Boykis Passing
Artist rendition of Boykis Passing

Atlanta, GA –– Local man Brian Boykis (26) passed away in his home on June 28th from a standard heart attack brought on by the consumption of energy drinks and excitability. Brian, a “professional gamer” had earned over a million dollars in tournament rewards,  collected a decent income streaming his game sessions live over Twitch, which is an app on gaming devices. The hobby has grown so vast that audiences will financially support players for just being good at playing video games. Patrons do this because there is a belief that if the gamers had “day jobs” then their skills would falter and they would lose more.

Boykis died while streaming League of Legends, a popular strategic RPG [Role Playing Game]. His audience was the first to call 911 and inform the authorities who found him laying in front of his tv, controller still clutched in his hands.

Boykis continued to maintain his perfect score of a 1:0 kill/death ratio after his estimated TOD. When asked about the event later his team captain, Edward Collen said, “[Boykis] was amazing! He could pull us through any game, always slaying noobs, and leading the other team on in thinking they were going to win but then BAM! He would come through in the clutch every time! The doctor said he died around 1:00 P.M. Our game was over at 2:23 P.M. We still won. He was playing as Ahri, the Nine-tailed Fox like always. What gets me is that if he died at 1:00 then how was he still playing? He lives alone, and we were all busy in the game to have noticed. But it’s true! This is a bona-fide miracle even though we lost one of our best team mates and friends.”

When asked about her brother, sister Lacy Boykisof Sacramento seem nonplussed.

“Really I’m not surprised that he continued playing even after death,” commented Boykisof. “He was so hardcore about gaming that he would skip dates I would set up with my friends -to play. I was sad to hear the news but we weren’t speaking for the last couple of years after I deleted one of his game saves from my Xbox One because I wanted to download a movie and the hard drive was full of his lame games.”

As of this article’s publishing we have been informed that Boykis has since re-spawned upon his death, and is currently leveling up from 0 after getting released from his Spawn Point.

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