Mindy Alters' 1998 Chrysler Minivan shown here in a family photo taken after a recent "errand" to San Francisco.
Mindy Alters’ 1998 Chrysler Minivan shown here in a family photo taken after a recent “errand” to San Francisco.

Grass Valley, CA — Grass Valley mother of 4 and 1994 Chrysler Town and Country Minivan owner Mindy Alters was witnessed driving somewhat erratically Sunday afternoon on Brunswick Road. She was seen recklessly entering traffic from the Safeway parking lot, nearly striking a 2011 Toyota Prius. Witnesses who were behind her also mention that she seemed to have “lane integrity issues,” often abruptly swearing into the other lane and random intervals.

“Yeah, she pulled out of the Safeway parking lot real fast,” said Janet Williams of Cedar Ridge. “She was not paying attention to the traffic. It looked like she was swinging her arms at someone in the back seat. She was weaving all over the road. you know, like people on something or checking their text messages.”

According to other witnesses, Ms. Alters’ green minivan was “pretty beaten up” and missing 2 of the four hub caps. The Voyager was also quite dirty as it looked like it had been subjected to dirt-road driving, but never been washed. Across the back window, someone has scrawled with a finger, “Clean Me.”

Mindy Alters in an unidentified file photo.
Mindy Alters in an unidentified file photo.

“I’m busy. I gots these kids and things to do,” said a somewhat frenetic Ms. Alters in a Gish Gallop telephone interview. “Hank [Ms. Alters live-in partner] works out of my garage and I had to bring him some stuff. I done none hurt anyone, so why is everyone complaining?”

Neighbors close to Ms. Alters says their Cedar Ridge home is a hubbub of activity, especially at night with many cars arriving and leaving. Many have often wondered is Ms. Alters sleeps as they can hear her vacuuming her manufactured home around 3am in the morning.

She drives really fast down our dirt road,” said a neighbor who chose to remain anonymous. “You know how certain cars make certain sounds? Well hers does, and when I look out the window, the first thing I almost always see is the missing hub caps and the sound of the bad shocks bottoming out the car. I wish she’d slow down.”

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