Paranoia from the Right Wing about Liberal Media is growing now more than ever.

Charlottesville, VA — Local Trump supporter and protest attendee, Brandon Whosville–aged somewhere between 18-23 based on vocabulary analysis alone–publicly stated in a Facebook group that, “he wouldn’t be baited into making headlines that help the left” referring of course, to the “left wing/right wing” ideology that makes up the structure of modern American politics.

Being “baited” on the Internet these days has become a loose slang term that means that you are falling into being the punchline of someone else’s joke, or you are being trolled out into the open for ridicule after replying to someone’s “bait” comment.  A common tool for any Internet Troll worth their salt.  This tactic is also known as what is called, “being a poe“.  (Click link for further “education.”)

For example, Area Man Baited Into Liberal Media, this article you are reading right now was directly inspired by a man claiming that his fellows in political ideology would never be baited into helping create a “left wing headline”.

We attempted to breach further contact with Mr. Whosville but realized it would be a waste of time so we got distracted and ended up looking at cat videos all night because it’s more fun than arguing with post-ironic, pseudo-intellectuals all the time.

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