Nevada City, CA — Local retired Colonel and Civil Engineer Jack Ripper announced late Monday night that he plans on creating an “anyone other than Biden” blog using the generous stimulus money he received this year.

Calling it “his duty” to “help rid the world of this socialist scourge,” Mr. Ripper plans on spending a good chunk of his tax refund on his new website called

“Look,” said Mr. Ripper from his Banner Mountain home, “as this community’s Conservarian, I take it as my duty to do everything in my power to stop this socialist menace before he can do any more harm.”

Due to credits and several generous deductions, taxpayers like Mr. Ripper should also receive a tax refund this year. However, Mr. Ripper, who’s also on MediCare, is one of many taxpayers who enjoyed the benefits of subsidized Healthcare. Using one of the Insurance Exchanges may see a decrease in their refund as the subsidies now count as income on top of the stimulus relief checks he’s been receiving.

As for Mr. Ripper, he is obsessed with what he calls “tax and spend liberals.” President Biden took office in 2021, facing an economy in shambles due to a global pandemic primarily ignored by the previous administration. Since then, the Biden administration has been attempting to steer the country, with arguable success, around an overheated economy and pandemic potholes.

But not everyone gets the big picture.

“Everyone is getting a handout,” continued Mr. Ripper. “And we need to stop that before it bankrupts the country. Giving Healthcare and checks to deadbeats is nothing like my Medicare benefits. And it’s a good thing I got this stimulus money because it will pay for this new freedom blog.

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