Local Success and Productivity Guru Mitch Freed
Local Success and Productivity Guru Mitch Freed

Nevada City, CA — A local man has added high value Google Adwords into his articles to boost his Search Engine Optimization or SEO rating in attempts to boost his website advertising revenue. Local success and productivity guru, and occasional SEO private contractor Mitch Freed has been shamelessly adding high-value Google Adwords such as “Breast Implant” and “Safeway Coupons” into his daily blog posts.

“Ok. You got me,” said a somewhat embarrassed Mr. Freed. “I’ve been taking these online classes which teach you how to be a Search Engine Expert, and I thought, ‘golly, I could make money on my site just by dropping a few expensive bids into my article like “Breast Implants” and “Insurance” and “Loans” and “Mortgage.”‘ But be sure to visit my web site for all kinds of important life coaching information: http://www.mitchfreedsuccess.com/.”

Search Engine Optimization or SEO, is the latest expertise that has sprung up in the Internet Culture which promised website owners greater visibility and ultimately more visitors to their mortgage reduction and breast implant information sites. SEO experts are paid handsomely for their somewhat magical craft, although people “in the know” have different opinions about this.

“I wouldn’t say SEO is a scam,” said local software engineer Jake Stewbather, “but from what I can tell, it just seems like these people just tidy up and structure webpages for their clients and make sure the meta data is in order. They’re just website house  cleaners that get paid a lot of money. The fact that the search term SEO is one of the highest paid Google Adwords should tell you something.”

Google's "Don't No Evil" maxim apparently doesn't apply to cosmetic surgery.
Google‘s “Don’t No Evil” maxim apparently doesn’t apply to cosmetic surgery.

Google AdWords, and its in-content sibling Google AdSense, are the Internet giant’s primary source of revenue. AdWords is a marketplace where advertisers pay/bid Google to place their advertisements on websites. Google AdSense is the program that pays Internet publishers each time someone clicks on an AdWords advertisement.

Gish Gallop examined some of Mr. Freed’s “SuccessStories” articles on his website, and indeed found several inappropriate uses oh high value Google AdWords.

If you want to take control of your life and put yourself in the driver’s seat, then there are several things you can do:

  1. Start a Success Diary
  2. Do gracious things for other people when you are down
  3. Put off that Breast Implant Surgery until you contact your Lawyer and have your Mortgage lowered
  4. Locate the nearest payday check cashing service to simplify your life
  5. Volunteer at the Local Food Bank. Bring Safeway Coupons to distribute
  6. Consider cashing out that Annuity
  7. Start A Home Budget for Lowering Your Car Insurance.

“I’m still getting the hang of it,” continued Mr. Freed, “so there are still some kinks. But I plan on adding these tips into my ‘Successories’ lecture series.”

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