Truckee, CA — 42-year-old Truckee man Jaime Igo could use a little help after he and his wife got into an argument shortly after the couple got into a heated argument over their 17-year-old son’s lack of interest in finding a job. Mr. Igo, who made regional news earlier this when he admitted to Gish Gallop that he regretted selling one of his kidneys on the Chinese black market, spent over 27 minutes alone under his sink attempting to install a new faucet he purchased at Home Depot.

“Well, that sucked,” said a relieved and tired Mr. Igo speaking via the telephone. “The wife and I were working well together when I suggested that we have the boy get his ass in here and help. The wife got all irritated with me saying I needed more patience with him, but I wasn’t having any of it. Anyhow, she told me that I could fix the sink myself if I was going to act like that. Whatever.”

Eventually, Mr. Igo lost his patience and started shouting for his wife, who summarily ignored him. After a few minutes of yelling, he directed his rage towards is mouthy 17-year-old son, who was occupying himself in his bedroom with Dark Souls III, a popular video game.

“I just pretended not to hear him, like I always do,” said Brian Igo recalling the event over the past week. “I just put on my headphones and kept playing. When Mom walked by I asked, ‘Did you hear something?’ and she was like ‘hear what?’. We both laughed.”

As for the elder Igo, he eventually completed the job after a few hours.

“Well, it was tough, but I figured it out,” continued Mr. Igo. “I finally figured out that I could stick my arm up through the drain hole, which by the way, it got stuck a few times. When the wife cam by later she said something like ‘see, I knew you could do it.’ Whatever, I guess.”

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