Jason Hendricks broke his nose while motor boating.
Jason Hendricks broke his nose while motor boating.

Grass Valley, CA What started as a fun night out at the Nevada Club ended with a trip to the emergency room for a Grass Valley man Monday night.

Witnesses say Jason Hendricks was in a drunken stupor when he approached a buxom blonde wearing a revealing low-cut top and stuck his mouth between her breasts while rapidly shaking his face in a side-to-side motion, creating sounds similar to an outboard boat motor, an act commonly known as “motorboating.”

“He took a savage beating,” laughed Todd Phillips, a friend of Jason’s who ended up taking him to the Sierra Memorial that night. “She knocked the hell out of himwith her knockers! It was epic!”

Mr. Hendricks suffered a broken nose along with a black eye and possible concussion. The victim of the assault, an unidentified Arizona woman in town visiting friends, declined to comment but shook her head “No” when asked if she planned on pressing charges.

“Serves him right,” said Naomi Johnson, a friend of the victim who witnessed the act. “Hopefully the perv learns a lesson. You can’t go around assaulting women like that,” she said.

A remorseful Hendricks said he has in fact learned a lesson and will never again attempt to “motorboat” a complete stranger while heavily intoxicated, no matter how succulent the woman’s breasts appear to be. “Motorboating is an extreme sport,” he said, “I will learn from this and be back stronger than ever.”

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