Local Man Arrested for Pot Hall
Local Man Arrested for Pot Hall

Alleghany, CA  — Moonash, a part-time store clerk living with his band on a property in Alleghany, Sierra County, was arrested on Saturday night just outside of Fallon, Nevada, on US Highway 50 by the Nevada Highway Patrol.

Moonash was first stopped by NHP Officer Bryan O’Dooley for a missing taillight, but Moonash was later found to be in possession of 67 pounds of top quality Mango Kush, wrapped in newspaper, then stuffed into an odd assortment of pillow cases and what appeared to be other items of his soiled laundry.

“Man, this kinda sucks. My band ‘Pythagorean Bogina’ is playing at the Kronkhouse in Georgetown this coming Friday night. I hope I get out by then,” posited Moonash, who apparently does not have a last name.

Moonash was driving his brother Mel’s 1973 aquamarine Ford Gran Torino, a car that only recently was deemed drivable after what Moonash described as “a hella bunch of work, like finding tires and getting the old Blaupunkt stereo working again so I could make it all the way to Texas. The car’s been sitting on his property for 11 years, but the engine’s still in great shape.”

During the initial interrogation, Moonash was asked why he was making such a large marijuana delivery outside the usual time frame of the Northern California harvest season.

“Yeah, this is last year’s bash,” he admitted. “We been trying to close it since last October, but our schedule’s have just been crazy busy. It’s a bit dried out, but still totally killer. We know a guy in Austin who said he’d take it.”

Moonash will be transported from the Churchill County jail on Thursday to the U.S. District Court in Reno, where he will be arraigned on charges of Felony Transportation/Importation for Sale, which could lead to a state prison sentence of 10-12 years and a $350,000 dollar fine. Moonash’s attorney, Churchill County Public Defender Finnigan O’Spleef, was taciturn about the arrest.

“We get one of these mountain monkeys rolling through town about once a week. It’s pitiful. I have nothing else to say.”

Calls to the Kronkhouse or Mel for further comment were not returned as of press time.

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