Area Handyman Hank Snow
Area Handyman Hank Snow

Grass Valley, CA Chase Bank teller clerk Lindsay Madison was a bit annoyed when Grass Valley handyman Hank Snow came into her downtown Grass Valley bank Saturday afternoon for his second cup of free coffee that day.

“Hank came in as soon as we unlocked the doors this morning,” said Ms. Madison, during her work break. “He got a fresh cup of ‘Joe’, as Mr. Charming likes to call it, but he did not do any banking transactions. He just helped himself to our Keurig coffee machine and left a mess of sugar and creamer packets behind and took off in his Subaru. He likes to reuse the same styrofoam coffee cup and it is starting to look nasty.”

According to Ms. Madison and several other bank employees, Mr. Snow came in again that afternoon for a second cup of coffee.

“Hank is an oddball,” said Chase Bank customer Tommy Empire of Cedar Ridge. “He has been a customer of mine at High Sierra Nevadas Plumbing Supply for as long as anyone can remember. I’ve only managed the store in Grass Valley for a few months since I moved up here from Vacaville but I’ve heard many stories. Sometimes Hank will come in to just shoot the shit at the sales counter and get some free coffee. I like that he doesn’t waste our Styrofoam cups but that thing he drinks out of looks pretty gross.”

According to employees of both Chase Bank and High Sierra Nevadas Plumbing Supply, Mr. Hughes also has no qualms about “dumpster diving“.

“Hank is a really gentle soul and a great handyman,” said Shep “The Ship” Walkins of North San Juan. “He has very reasonable rates and never marks up the cost of his materials. Some of the stuff he uses he finds in dumpsters or he gets for free from people before they take it to the dump; he keeps it all in his yard or in the back of his Subaru Justy.”

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