An area business woman is donating 10s of thousands of dollars in body products to Obama drone victims.
An area business woman is donating 10s of thousands of dollars in body products to Obama drone victims.

Nevada City, CA — Area entrepreneur Dolores Lana McKenna opened Conscientious Creams after losing her financial services job after the 2009 banking crisis. Since then, the business is booming with over 250% year-over-year growth according to Ms. McKenna. Given her success in the high-end, herbal petroleates body cream market, her successes have allowed her more free time to explore a cause that is close to her heart: the plight of military drone bombing victims.

“I’ve been able to hire 42 people to handle most of my business now,” said Ms. McKenna speaking with Gish Gallop earlier this week. “I’ve got most of it covered now. So now I can focus on my true passion, which is waking people up to the horrors of Obama’s drone bombing program.”

To that end, Ms. McKenna is working with the Nevada City, California-based non-profit group People Against Obama’s Drones or PAOD to distribute hundreds of jars of organic hand and body cream to Middle Eastern bombing victims. Each 5 ounce jar usually caters to upper income ‘progressives’ and typically sells for over $50.00 USD in specialized retail outlets.

“We all need to do that thing that makes the world better,” continued Ms. McKenna. “And mine is making sustainable, organic, non-GMO, animal-product free body solutions. We also don’t test on animals. All testing is done using my assistant’s son Gerald. He’s a good sport.”

Conscientious Creams also is known for its variety of services, including the popular “Woke! Facial,” however Ms. McKenna says she’s that’s not ready for Yemen bombing victims.

“We’re already dropping hand cream in Yemen and Pakistan,” continued Ms. McKenna. “We’ve chartered 4 planes. The cases are dropped via pallets with parachutes on them into the most stricken areas. We do have plans to teach people how to do our special Woke! Facials, but at this time we haven’t figured out a way to do the outreach, at the same time preserving our patented procedures.”

According to Ms. McKenna, her advocacy doesn’t stop at “love bombing” underprivileged victims with soothing body cream products. She spends over 48 hours per week trying to convince Facebook users how terrible President Obama is, often engaging in hours long arguments with what she calls ‘sheeple’ and Democrat apologists.

“He [Obama] is worse than Bush, Reagan and Andrew Jackson combined,” said a somewhat frothy Ms. McKenna who seemed to be agitated over the sound of her own voice as if she was arguing with someone who wasn’t there. “All these people who thought Saudi Hillary [Clinton] would be even better than Donald Trump. These people are bullies and all they can do is call me names.”

The campaign is due to last for another 6 months or until funding becomes limited.

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