David X
The humorless David X in an undisclosed location.

North San Juan, CA Local Anarcho-Capitalist David “X” has a lot to say. Seconds after answering the door of his remote North San Juan home, he launched into a prepared speech:

“Anarcho-capitalists, or AnaCaps for short, argue for a society based on the voluntary trade of private property and services (in sum, all relationships not caused by threats or violence, including exchanges of money, consumer goods, land, and capital goods) in order to minimize conflict while maximizing individual liberty and prosperity. However, they also recognize charity and communal arrangements as part of the same voluntary ethic.”

Gish Gallop attempted to ask Mr. “X” about his lifestyle, and his favorite funny films, but like all Anarcho-capitalists, David “X” has no sense of humor.

“The most important part of the bitcoin system is a public ledger that records financial transactions in bitcoins. This is accomplished without the intermediation of any single, central authority, as long as mining is decentralized. Instead, multiple intermediaries exist in the form of computer servers running bitcoin software. By connecting over the Internet, these servers form a network that anyone, and I mean anyone, can join,” a ranting Mr. “X” concluded as a tiny bit of spittle ran off his lips.

Gish Gallop correspondents attempted to engage Mr. “X” several times in a humorous mêlee, but all attempts were interrupted with mini speeches.

“And there all kinds of Anarchists, you see. There’s Laissez-faire ones like me, and other ones. Then there’s the hippie anarcho-syndicalists ones. Commune types. Similar, but different from me,” ranted Mr. “X.”

When asked about Monty Python’s reference to Anarcho-syndicalism, rather than laughing and re-quoting the seminal scene from the Holy Grail, Mr. “X” simply said, “Yeah, they nailed that one.”

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