Orlando, FL — For the second time in a week, tragedy struck Orlando. An alligator injured a small boy near a pond at Disney World. The entire community is in shock. The alligator is accused of shooting the boy with an AR-15 rifle at point-blank range, then pulling the boy into the water where he has yet to be found.

Authorities are struggling to figure out how the alligator acquired the rifle since alligators are prohibited from owning firearms in Florida. The alligator, who police have identified as Jeremiah Croc, has no criminal record and appears to have purchased the weapon legally with a background check. Police do not believe race to be a factor in why the attack happened.

Gish Gallop spoke with anti-gun activist Simone Devra about the shooting.

“This type of failure in the system makes this tragedy worse,” said Simone. “Who the hell sells a gun to an alligator!”

The authorities are also trying to understand exactly how an alligator could fire the rifle. They have contacted scientists from the University of Florida to investigate.

Dr. Micah Simpson is the lead scientist investigating the shooting. He gave a brief interview to Gish Gallop.

“Alligators are evolutionary marvels. They have survived for tens of thousands of years”, said Dr. Simpson. “So it would not surprise me to see them taking the next step and growing opposable thumbs or some such thing.”

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