Madison Star Moon testifying at an August 2015 EPA hearing on Chemtrails.
Madison Star Moon testifying at an August 2015 EPA hearing on Chemtrails.

Those long, slender, man-made clouds left by jet airplanes flying overhead are known as condensation trails, which form as a result of the warm, moist exhaust of the plane’s engines meeting extremely cold temperatures at high altitude. However, since the middle of the 1990s, some people have believed that these vapor trails are actually chemical trails, or  more popularly known as “chemtrails” being sprayed by nefarious people to control either the weather or the population. Depending on which chemtrail believer you talk to, the people behind the spraying are affiliated with some corporation, some country’s government, or are Jewish.

One particular self-proclaimed chemtrail expert is Amanda Baise who goes by “Madison Star Moon.” In August of 2015, Madison Star Moon testified at an Environmental Protection Agency hearing on pollution where she expressed her concern for chemtrails. Since then, she has become one of the leaders of the movement.

I wanted to learn more about chemtrails and I wanted to see if the believers know what they are talking about. Since Madison Star Moon is one of the most visible, given a strong, active Internet presence, I tracked her down via Facebook to ask her about chemtrails, hoping she would answer my questions honestly.

JAMES CONRAD:  Hello, is this Madison Star Moon? My name is James Conrad and I wanted to ask some questions about chemtrails, as I figure it is something about which it is worth educating myself. Would that be O.K.?

MADISON STAR MOON: What question do you have? And how did you find me? We have no mutual friends. Suspicious if you ask me

JAMES CONRAD:  I found you through Facebook.

MADISON STAR MOON: Yeah ok. So what’s your question? Well? That’s what I thought. Later.

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