Henderson, NV — Carol Winters of Henderson, Nevada decided to unload on CNN reporter Jason Hoffman this weekend when the veteran correspondent asked her for her opinion on attending an indoor Trump rally.

“These people aren’t stupid,” said Ms. Winters moving her right hand around, pointing at the thousands of people lining up to attend President Trump Las Vegas campaign rally. “Do you think they’d be here if it were dangerous? I mean, the President doesn’t think it’s dangerous. Why would he put his followers in danger?”

Complicating matters, it seems that the President violated several Nevada laws by holding an event indoors. Trump told the Las Vegas Review-Journal in an interview Sunday that he did not believe he was subject to Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak’s order limiting gatherings to 50 people when he addressed a crowd of thousands at an indoor rally in Henderson.

Less than three months ago, President Trump held his first indoor rally since the beginning of the pandemic, in Oklahoma, to the frustration of Tulsa health officials “concerned about [their] ability to protect anyone who attends a large, indoor event.” It turns out they were correct because COVID-19 cases dramatically spiked in the days following the event.

Dr. Jonathan Reiner, a professor of medicine and surgery at George Washington University, went a little further in an interview on CNN, comparing the act to “negligent homicide.”

“If you have a mass gathering now in the United States in a place like Nevada or just about any other place with hundreds or thousands of people, people will get infected, and some of those people will die,” Doctor Reiner added.

“Look at all these people,” said Dearth Dense, 46 of Henderson, who is an out-of-work warehouse employee. “Do you think it would be dangerous if everyone was here? Come on, open your eyes, and look around. There’s no coronavirus here. It’s fake.”

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