Synecdoche, New York — Paul Titler, Curator, and Founder of, has made a bold statement, leaving the conspiracy theory community floored and throwing up Q Anon followers into a frenzy.

Mr. Titler is a staunch believer in the 5G Conspiracy Theory, publicly supporting the Vandalism and destruction of 5G technology to cure the Coronavirus supposedly. However, today Mr. Titler came to his fanbase with a much more disturbing revelation:

Friends, internet family, trolls, and lurkers, it has come to my attention that this situation is FAR direr than anyone could have expected. Before I get started, let me get this out, so you don’t rage-quit reading this. Hear me out. I voted for Trump, just like most of you all here. I have been behind him until this last week.

It’s not because of Russi; it isn’t because of his lack of response to a national emergency (even though it was a false flag, sheeple), and it sure as hell ain’t because I got taken in by no commie libtard agenda. No. I would die for this man. But then I realized something, friends. We need to learn to look even more profound. Reading between the lines isn’t enough anymore because the devil figured out that those are the details he should be meddling with.

Have I lost anyone yet? No? Ok, good, because here comes the truth bomb. 5G, as we all know, is real. And we all know it caused this Coronavirus and probably some new cancer we haven’t seen yet because doctors are too busy covering up this whole sham. But, this is where it gets sticky, friends. For SOME reason, not prompted by anyone whatsoever, Trump- claimed that Disinfectant Injections and UV Light could kill Coronavirus. Why would he do that, you ask? Why would he cover for it so much by feigning sarcasm?

This is deeper than we all thought, folks. 5G Radiation sits inside your body as all radiation does. When you are touched by UV light or use hand sanitizer or alcohol,l you are ACTIVATING the 5G already IN YOUR BODY. Think about it. 5G was already spread long before they set up those towers, people. Do you think they didn’t expect us to want to tear down these “5g Towers?” Those are fake too! 5G Radiation has been coming from your 4G phones already! And every public WiFi router! 5G is relatively HARMLESS until you activate it with UV or DISINFECTANTS.

Now you ask me, “but Paul, Trump wouldn’t spread disinformation. He’s the only guy we can trust!”

I thought that same thing, too, until I realized that Trump is IN ON IT TOO. The lefties created the 5G technology, and the Deep State using the GOP’s untrustworthy agents, is tasked with spreading the lies, and this new evidence suggests one thing. TRUMP IS ACTUALLY IN CHARGE OF THE DEEP STATE OR AT LEAST A PART OF IT TOO! We need to stand up against these pedophile vampires! The 5G Conspiracy is fake and accurate at the same time! Cognitive dissonance! Stay WOKE!

Q Anon has stayed silent on this matter as of now.

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