Sunday, April 18, 2021

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Aliens Closing Human Exhibits

Extraterrestrials across the universe are closing human exhibits.
Extraterrestrials across the universe are closing human exhibits.

San Francisco, CA– All throughout recorded history there have been alien abductions and sightings reported. Especially today with the dawn of the Internet era, stories come in from all over the globe. But where do people go when they are abducted?

In the first ever interview with a Galactic Reptillian, Gish Gallop got answers to our questions and more. We sat down with Gluurg, a Reptilian from Olhoma, a world 1,200 light years from Earth. He has taken on a human disguise, for safety reasons we cannot divulge who he is.

We asked Gluurg where do humans go once they have been abducted.

“Well, we take them mostly for amusement,”¬†Gluurg said. “We have many zoo’s across Olhoma, we display human’s there in large exhibits. Occasionally they become house pets to the higher caste of Reptilli.”

There have been a lot of abductees appearing back on earth in the last few weeks, we asked Gluurg why.

“Well we are closing all of our Earth exhibits. The humans just keep killing each other. The first thing they do is divide into groups of the same race, then they begin fighting over food and religion, it was alarming. We had to set up regular abductions just to replace the dead one, we couldn’t allow our children to see that”.

We asked if they ever took anyone famous, “Well we took a business person named Donald. We had no choice but to bring him back. He kept isolating all the white humans and building walls around them.”

We wondered if we as a planet were in danger, we asked Gluurg.

“No, not since the Chemtrail program has been so successful, We can subdue the population and keep them from doing too much harm. We had to take HAARP out though, those guys were insane, they made Hitler look like an amateur.”

As we ended the interview, we asked one final question. We asked for Gluurg’s full name. He replied, “Gluurg Bessee”. A very common last name, but it sounds very familiar.

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