Al Gore's Internet lesson to Hillary didn't go well.
Al Gore’s Internet lesson to Hillary didn’t go well.

New York, NY — Former Senator, Vice President and environment activist of An Inconvenient Truth fame Al Gore took it upon himself  to ‘mansplain’ Hillary Clinton this thing called “The Internet.” The former 2000 Presidential candidate to help the former Presidential candidate after criticism that she seemed like “they were running it like everyone still used telephone landlines.”

“I’m very familiar with the importance of the Internet in today’s political climate,” said Mr. Gore in a prepared statement. “I’ve spent a lot of time on the Internet researching the climate catastrophe. And it’s my duty to inform people like Hillary Clinton, because I’m someone who is familiar with the Internet and the latest gizmos.”

During the 2016 campaign season, the Hillary Clinton campaign stumbled on getting its message out. Many critics point to not only how the campaign is organized, as if it were being run by 1992 standards, but also its lack of understanding of how Millennial voters behave.

According to a Clinton assistant, who chose to remain anonymous, Mr. Gore spent approximately 6 hours showing Secretary Clinton how to browse the Internet using Netscape Navigator, the seminal and antiquated web browser from the late 1990s. Apparently all was going well until the 5th hour when Mr. Gore showed Ms. Clinton a donald Trump supporter website.

“It got very ugly at that point,” continued the campaign insider. “Hillary got very mad at Al for showing her how Trump supporters do it. She said something like, ‘Look, I don’t need you telling me how Trump does it. I need to understand how to get young women over to our camp. Can’t we tweet or something?”

At that point, Mr. Gore apologized for overstepping his place, and blamed the mistake on “those damn frames in Netscape.” At which point Ms. Clinton closed her Toshiba laptop and excused herself.

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