Washington, D.C. — Following two weeks of turmoil in the Trump Administration, the bellicose President has reason to sleep better at night. Sources familiar to the White House impeachment strategy, say Attorney General William Bar is queuing up to obstruct justice again. A posture that the career government man is quite comfortable with.

“It’s the thing he does better than anything else,” said an anonymous White House insider. “He doesn’t know how to do anything else. I mean, they don’t call him ‘Cover-up General Barr’ for nothing.”

Behind the scenes, the White House has two primary strategies to combat the current Impeachment inquiry being driven by the Democrats. The first is to further appeal to Trump’s base sense of low expectations by merely admitting the President is a criminal. However, the key to this strategy is Mr. Barr’s ability to block all investigations for as long as possible, lying and stalling where appropriate.

As the Democrats prepare to subpoena both Justice and State Department employees, Mr. Barr’s only strategy of saying “no” should provide the Administration enough cover until the 2020 election season. Democrats will be forced to hold the Attorney General in contempt of Congress, with little or no recourse for such an action.

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