Sunday, April 18, 2021

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Adult Toy Accidentally Purchased from Salvation Army

Shelly Wagner's Facebook post describing her "score" at the local Grass Valley Salvation Army.
Shelly Wagner’s Facebook post describing her “score” at the local Grass Valley Salvation Army.

Grass Valley, CA Shelly Wagner and her two children made an unfortunate discovery Monday afternoon after inadvertently purchasing a sexual aid they thought was a common household tool at the Grass Valley Salvation Army.

“It wasn’t until I got home and shared a picture of it on Facebook that I suddenly realized that I didn’t purchase a drain snake,” said an embarrassed Ms. Wagner in a Gish Gallop interview. “My little girl was playing within the Bric-a-Brac section, and I said, ‘this is what we need for our clogged sink.’ You can image how embarrassed I am.”

The item in question was not a drain snake, but rather a multi-function, battery-powered  “stimulator” also known more colloquially as “butt beads.”

“Shelly posts whatever is on her mind onto Facebook,” said Ms. Wagner’s close friend Janet Williams of Cedar Ridge. “She needs to exercise some discretion and self-control before posting every single thought she has on Facebook.”

According to workers at the Salvation Army, they do their best to sort out questionable and/or broken items. But sometimes things just slip through.

“Ms. Wagner can return the item she found for a full refund,” said one Salvation Army employee. “It was clearly a mistake and we’ll honor that.”

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